Extreme right in full form

Should we be surprised that in an ultra-violent country, surrounded by guns, accustomed to mass shootings, and Fox News’ incendiary polemicist Tucker Carlson every night, he perpetuates xenophobia with the blessing of the Murdoch family that owns it? Back in the extreme right pole position? Regardless of the outcome of the “midterms,” ​​these midterm elections, which put American presidents on a perpetual campaign trail, are a reality. The 72 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump share the same fanatical far-right ideology. In the 2000s a minority faction within the Republican Party, white, Christian, libertarian and racist conspiracy theorists rose to power within the party. The centrist right, or what’s left of it, has evaporated among Democrats, that is, if you know that Obama like Biden has nothing to do with Marxists and bearded leaders in khaki fatigues. Voters who vote Republican today are seduced by the Tea Party, the party of America’s pioneers, where anything is possible, where the law of the strong reigns. A traditional America, with well-guarded borders and star-spangled flags flying from every balcony. The original, pure America. Judging from France, which has 89 democratically elected far-right representatives, we fail to understand that Trump supporters are not anti-democratic. They want to impose their model, by using institutions like the Supreme Court, which has shifted too far to the right and is preparing for a return to a certain moral order. White, supremacist, willingly homophobic and anti-Semitic. The American Dream. But this method is true, pure and hard.

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