Explore the skyscrapers of the future envisioned by AI MidJourney

An artificial intelligence architect has used MidJourney to imagine the skyscrapers of the future, made from natural materials and able to purify the air. Find out in pictures the result of deception…

Facing climate change And the energy crisisAnd the Humanity must rethink big cities. New Delhi-based architect Manas Bhatia envisions a future where residential skyscrapers are covered with trees, plants and algae and purify the air.

Climate skeptics and other critics may consider this idea fanciful. However, in order to lend credibility to his vision, Bhatia Use AI to bring it to life.

AI x Future Cities: a glimpse into the buildings of the future

For his project “AI x Future Cities”, Use Bhatia MidJourney. This artificial intelligence is capable of Generate images from words Entered by the user. for All About MidJourney, Consult Our Complete Profile.

From A series of text descriptionsincluding words like ” futuristic towers “,” virtuous technology “,” symbiotic “,” bioluminescence material Bhatia allowed MidJourney to create a series of digital photos.

In order to perfect the designs, the architect spent time tweaking his textual descriptions. Each text has been modified a hundred times.

According to him, it took about 20 minutes to make each of these pictures. Later, Bhatia used Photoshop to improve it manually.

The The result is striking. Fantasy buildings rise and overlook a futuristic city, with Curved shapes inspired by nature

Symbiotic Architecture: Skyscraper Inspired by Giant Sequoias

About another project entitled symbiotic architecture Bhatia imagined the future where Buildings are made of living materials. using words like “ giant ” where “ drilling “He led MidJourney to produce pictures that illustrate” future utopia at any Apartments will be carved out of huge trees

This concept is inspired by Hyperion: a 115-meter sequoia located in California It is considered the largest living tree in the world. Additionally, the architect built on his work with architecture firm Ant Studio, which included renovating the buildings with new facades that encourage natural ventilation and reduce energy consumption.

His idea was construction ” leather »Normal for buildingsInspired by nature and the way to cool it Evaporation and sweating It occurs in the plant world.

And therefore , Towers can regulate their temperature The whole day. Bhatia’s ambition is to create building materials that can live and grow, so that buildings can be ventilated through this natural process.

Symbiotic cities mid-flight

How artificial intelligence will revolutionize architecture

The Artificial Intelligence for Artistic Creativity Like MidJourney and Google Imagen or OpenAI DALL-E They are increasingly used by creators of all stripes.

In August 2022, creator of Colorado video games Won an art competition By submitting an image created with MidJourney. His victory sparked controversy, and angered artists on social media.

However, Bhatia believes that AI is just a new tool. According to him, ” Art is completely open to interpretation, and An artist can use any kind of tool to create art It adds. “Anyone can use AI, but they will not be able to achieve a good result as a creative person. “.

This is the engineer Convinced that AI will be used more and more in the world of art and design. In his opinion, by allowing users to produce things beyond their imagination, this technology can inspire new ideas and enrich the design process.

So it is considered A future where AI can create 3D designs and integrating them into software that architects use to model their creations…

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