Exhibition Space: Making the Universe Visible (Marseille)

The 21st century has once again become a passion for space. His representations are renewed through contemporary audiovisual representation techniques, especially digital, from darkrooms to exhibition and museum spaces. The exhibition presents a diverse display of the space museum’s language element: the screen. This exhibition rejected many variations on the screen: the display room screen, the screen taken from the projection room and to become part of the artworks, the screens as tools for scientific observation and vision. We will thus discover it as a surface, a place of truth or falsehood, a means of formation, or a tool that makes seeing possible.

The gallery consists of a dedicated exhibition space and an exhibition space immersed in darkness. The Museum Route welcomes the viewer with a corridor designed as a transitional airlock and is organized according to two interlocking avenues:

> Near or far: Measures or distances of space-time, from human to universe, from universe to human

The Perception Question: The Gap between Physics and Human Perception, Considering Non-Human Perception.

Practical information:

Saint-Charles 3, Place Victor Hugo – 13331 Marseille

> Free entry with an AMU card.

> Book a free ticket:

Contact and website

Contact and location

> [email protected]

> https://universalecranxxi.wordpress.com

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