Exercise. Are you far to pick up a parcel? No problem, it will be delivered to your locker

The unprecedented development of online shopping, which has been boosted by the pandemic, requires finding new solutions for more efficient and safer deliveries.

An undelivered package, due to being away from home, always leads to wasted time, frustration and additional costs.

What would you say if you could pick up your parcel in a dry place, on time, right in your car, without having to interfere?

Your trunk becomes a delivery point

By cooperating with the British parcel delivery company Hermes, Ford found a solution.

Deliver the package directly to your vehicle, so it is safe, dry and you can pick it up at your convenience. An in-car delivery option is available through the in-house FordPass app.

At the moment, delivery in the safe is only possible to the customer’s home address, but the goal is to be able to extend it to the workplace, for example. Easier way of delivery for the customer but also for the delivery man.

Save time and money

For a delivery person, there is no need to climb stairs, ride an elevator, and more risk finding the door locked in absence. By avoiding ringing the doorbell, the driver saves time.

When it reaches a distance of 300 meters from the destination, it receives the exact location of the vehicle on its app.

Upon reaching a distance of 50 meters, he generated an unlock code to gain access to the vehicle. This code is only active once and automatically locks the vehicle once the package is delivered.

This delivery method is available in England with FordPass. picture d

Safer connections

Ford seems to have figured it all out. If the package is too large to fit in the vehicle, or if the vehicle is more than 300 meters away, the app directs the delivery person directly to the customer.

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This experience is part of the collaboration between Ford and Hermes. The two companies have already established a pedestrian coordination program to facilitate deliveries in the city.

The brand also tested delivery in London using 100% independent vans. Parcel delivery is developing, but the car is still at the heart of the system.

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