Exciting ending to season 6 in chiaroscuro

There is no respite in the main part of the spin-off “Breaking Bad,” the results of which are set to premiere August 16 on Netflix. A breathless suspense clings to a hallucinogenic mastery of photography.

Is summer a friend or enemy of the series? Admittedly, time is less rare, but one might be tempted to watch them anywhere, anyway. The best of Saul on demand, the last six episodes of the sixth and final season revealed every Tuesday on Netflix, between July 12 and August 16, is not to be eaten at the beach but to be enjoyed in the dark, on an XXL screen. The only way to take full advantage of the amazing work done on shadows, contrasts, and highlights in general (not to mention grading).

best series in history, under six feet, sopranos, the wirenot for their aesthetic qualities. Saul’s best on call, which will inevitably incorporate the personal deities of all those who have seen it to the end, is also a masterpiece of solemn beauty. What if there is behavior, sometimes, in Too bad, The form of its transverse element is most often a vector of meaning. Especially in this sixth season, which sees Sol Goodman, Walter White’s future lawyer, facing more and more problems. While he and his wife take revenge on Howard Hamlin, a lawyer they hate, gangster Lalo Salamanca sets up his own bloodiest private, which must personally involve them both.

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