Excellent news, Netflix announces that it has finally found the solution for this American cult series to be broadcast in its true version

On Friday, January 15, 2021, Netflix welcomed a new series into its catalog. It wasn’t new in the sense of a novelty that Netflix produced but in the sense that the series was arriving for the first time on the streaming platform. This series was a huge success worldwide between 1998 and 2003 and has been a continuous success for more than twenty years. We spotted actors in the making of the movie like Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, or Katie Holmes, not to mention James Van Der Beek who played the protagonist. You’re obviously familiar with this series, it’s so Dawson.

This series, which sees teenagers reaching adulthood with all the ensuing existential problems and fears, aired on TF1 Then it was available on Amazon Prime Video. But it is clear that his access to Netflix increased its popularity and maintained its cult side. However, there is still one essential thing missing from Dawson : general. Netflix didn’t actually own the rights to Paula Cole’s song called “I Don’t Want To Wait” (there, we know some find out the real title and finally understand what it means). Since its re-airing, the series’ credits have been moved by another song: “Run Like Mad” by Jean Arden. theme with very Dawson But that does not hide the song’s absence from the American series. Netflix has fixed the problem.

On September 3, 2021, Netflix announced it in a tweet: “Dawson’s Creek fans, I’m happy to announce that you’ll finally hear Paula Cole’s hit ‘I Don’t Want to Wait’ when you watch the credits roll. Opening!”. Netflix has already brought this song back to the credits list, but it’s not quite the same. Paula Cole had to record “I Don’t Want To Wait” back in the studio a few days ago. “That’s right, I recorded ‘I Don’t Want To Wait’ again and they’re using this milestone. All artists should get paid for their work. Thanks to Sony, Netflix and all the fans for making this possible. It’s the power of patience and perseverance. I’m grateful.” So Netflix can’t use the real credits but only a remastered version. Still, much better than the credits that have been around since the arrival Dawson on Netflix. And then, frankly, the difference isn’t clear either.

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