Everything leads to a new cloud gaming platform

According to the latest information, Netflix may be building its own cloud gaming platform. The company promised “the best gaming service available.”

Netflix doesn’t have to stop at Android games

Since the beginning of 2022, Netflix has doubled down on its promise to provide “the best gaming service available. According to the latest reports, significant expenditures have been made to expand the game library. Titles such as Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales Give credit for his commitment.

Moreover, the giant has a team of specialists. The group, it is said, has yet to complete the development of a cross-platform game streaming service. For this reason, Netflix should definitely not be satisfied with games on Android.

Netflix’s recent job postings are compatible with the new cloud platform

The recent job offers published by the company make these rumors of potential cloud games believable. However, the organization makes it look good that it is working on “new ways to deliver entertainment that require real-time network transmission technologies, with very low latency.” The list certainly isn’t exactly about video game streaming. However, it does mention matching keywords like RTP-based broadcasting. The list is directly reminiscent of cloud gaming by looking at the piles of indirect clues associated with it. Even from afar.

There is also another list of show engineer. As for the latter, it explicitly states that certain people will have to do this Manage the next cloud gaming service from Netflix. And to tell the truth, it dispels almost all doubts. Adding to these other related lists, she claims expertise in creating games for Early or incomplete platforms. This still does not refer to Android games that have already been published.

Not only that, the clues are more visible in a dedicated menu for a security product manager. In fact, it takes experience with “cloud gaming challenges”.

However, everything remains a mystery

By analyzing all these points, we can conclude that Netflix is ​​probably on the level early stages Cloud gaming platform development. Although it is a measure that would inevitably reduce the organization’s dependence on third-party app stores.

Moreover, the organization has already developed its games through the Android version. Thus, it will not be too difficult for Netflix to roll out the new streaming cloud gaming platform.

However, it is unclear what effects this decision will have on the company’s mobile gaming titles. Given that apparently, this list continues to grow.

Even today, Netflix’s public gaming intentions remain murky. However, based on the company’s recent job titles, there is a very good chance of that Her game will be broadcast soon.

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