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Inspired by real events, SerpentThe story of serial fraudster Charles Sobraj as embodied by Golden Globe candidate Taher Rahim, who always slips into the hands of international police, escapes from prison and changes identities as remarkable efforts are made to bring him to justice.

Plunge into the heart of the 1970s

In the spring of 1975, young Marie-Andre Leclerc met French serial killer Charles Subrag, who convinced her to join him in Thailand the following summer. In love and conquest by this guy with magnetic magic, the character is played by Gina Coleman (Doctor WhoThen he agreed to some fraud before becoming part of an unlikely series of assassinations.

Becoming a gem trader, Charles Suprag and his girlfriend traveled through Thailand, Nepal and India between 1975 and 1976, linking crimes along what was then called the “hippie path”. They became the prime suspects in a string of Western backpacker murders. When Hermann Niebenberg, a young diplomat at the Dutch embassy in Bangkok, inadvertently entered the intricate web of Charles Subrag’s horrific activities, he unleashed – along with his wife Angela (Ellie Bamber), police around the world and witnesses to the sinister manipulation of Charles. Subhraj – a series of extraordinary events. Charles Sobhraj is now Interpol’s most wanted man and is the subject of arrest warrants on several continents.

Tahir Rahim could not be recognized

Beardless face, old haircut, prosthetics on the face and an open shirt on the chest, the actor turns! The series has been broadcast since January 1, 2021 in the United Kingdom, and the series has been praised by the press and the public. It has to be said that Taher Rahim’s performance as this cold-blooded killer was fantastic. The actor has just been hired Golden balls For his performance at guilty.

I try to find psychological bridges between me and him, but there was nothing here. For normal and balanced people, we don’t know what a lack of empathy means. It is both fatal and manipulative. It’s what you don’t want to be. “ Taher Rahim said guardian. “Those who met him recounted how he moved and spoke, and I began assembling the puzzle. I considered it an animal. Of course a snake. But which one? Ah – a cobra. He looks at you. And boom! It hits.”

An eight-part mini-series is coming to Netflix very soon. Meanwhile, discover our pick of the best serial killers in fiction.

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