Eurostar private tourists, measures to protect players in stadiums and a documentary that tells social orders through the buttocks

Goodbye England! France has announced that from tomorrow, travel between the UK and France must be justified on compelling grounds. The goal is to prevent Omicron, which is so prevalent in Great Britain, from importing too quickly into France.

It must be said that the UK is currently seeing pollution records – 88,000 in the last 24 hours. This prompted Boris Johnson to urge everyone to be vigilant, without announcing any closures. The message was heard until Buckingham as Queen Elizabeth II canceled her family’s Christmas dinner.

Several events have occurred at Ligue 1’s stadiums this season. Even pictures of Dimitri Payet appeared on the ground after he was hit by a projectile in the fourth minute of the match against Olympique Lyonnais. The match was finally halted after two hours of discussion.

And the CEO decided he never wanted to see such photos again. Anti-missile nets, the decision is made within half an hour at most after accidents and the automatic suspension of the match if projectiles are launched against players or referees: Alexandre Fau, sports journalist at Radio France, details the measures announced by the government in the aftermath shock stands in the scientist Marseille striker Dimitri Payet.

In recent years, the buttocks have been everywhere: in Cardi B’s clips, in Beyoncé photos, at Kim Kardashian shows. Full and assumed buttocks that have become a new standard of beauty. And not just because you’re proud of her background, by dancing a twerk for example, it’s also a way for some to seize power.

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So the ass is getting revenge and this is the subject of the documentary film “Bootyful” directed by writer Rukiyaha Diallo, which will be released on the platform on Sunday. francetvslash. She came to talk to us about it.

guests: Alexandre Fau, journalist in the sports department of Radio France and Rakhia Diallo for his documentary “Bootyful”.

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