“Europeans must condemn this act”

The burning of the Qur’an in Sweden continues to provoke reactions in the Islamic world, as calls for a boycott of Swedish products are increasing on social networks.

In Algeria, the government on Thursday condemned the action. provocative According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad.

Algeria considered that these ” The vile and repeated practices are likely to stir up hatred and religious feelings among Muslims “.

Reactions to the blasphemous act committed on Wednesday, June 28, the day of Eid al-Adha by an Iraqi refugee in front of a Stockholm mosque authorized by the Swedish government, not only provoked official reactions from Islamic countries. Many personalities condemned this action.

Burning of the Qur’an in Sweden: Al-Rahbi condemns the provocative act

In Algeria, the diplomat, Abdelaziz Rahabi, responded, on Saturday, in a press release entitled: “ When freedom of expression becomes the ideological basis of Islamophobia “.

About the former Algerian ambassador in Madrid. The protection granted to a Swedish extremist from burning the Holy Qur’an amounts to provocation and incitement to hatred under the false pretext of freedom of expression, which today forms the ideological basis of Islamophobia that revives part of Europe. »

Abdul Aziz Al-Rahabi rules. Irresponsible »The act of the Iraqi refugee by burning pages from the Qur’an in front of a mosque in Stockholm. verb which is Far from isolation “In his words, and its authors seek.” Clearly to harm and humiliate the Muslim community “.

And the former Algerian ambassador in Madrid adds that this act ” Europeans should strongly condemn themselves, because repeating it is likely to inflame anti-Western sentiment among Muslims and make mutual understanding and respect between cultures and religions more difficult. »

Abdul Aziz Al-Rahabi rules. regrettable “Sweden, a democratic country with a strong tradition of supporting human rights and peoples’ liberation rights,” Today it serves the banner of xenophobic populism. »

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