European citizens were threatened with deportation from the United Kingdom

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In the United Kingdom, European citizens who have applied for permanent residency are threatened with deportation.

With our correspondent in London, Sidney Couture

The Interior Ministry has repeatedly promised: Anyone who demonstrates a claim for status will have their rights protected.

Apparently non-compliance with this agreement has provoked accusations of “managerial incompetence” or “deliberate” attempts to eliminate as many as possible. European citizens, Easier than exiting Asylum seekers.

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Some status requests went unanswered. These are often paper requests used by many vulnerable and marginalized people, the elderly and detainees or those who have no access to computers. Of the 1,500 inmates at Wandsworth Prison in south London, nearly 500 are believed to be union citizens.

« It seems that the Ministry of the Interior predetermines the fate of certain nations. It is difficult to know whether this was caused by administrative or deliberate negligence », Evaluates the Association for the Protection of Migrant Prisoners. According to lawyers, this is an important battle to defend the Brexit rights of EU citizens in Britain.

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