Euro 2020 | England are ready to host all the matches

(London) The British government is said to be ready to host all Euro 2020 matches to facilitate the organization during the COVID-19 period, while supporters could return to the stadiums in May, English newspapers reported on Sunday.

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According to Sunday Times, With Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sports Oliver Dowd to the UEFA, UK stadiums can hold audiences ahead of other parts of Europe, thanks to the progress of the anti-Govt-19 vaccine in the country.

The Sunday newspaper continued that organizing more euro matches in the United Kingdom would limit the financial losses associated with ticket revenue.

For now, seven Euro 2020 matches are planned at Wembley, including the England team matches, semi-finals and final, with Glasgow hosting four matches.

Other host cities for the competition are Dublin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Bilbao, Munich, Budapest, Baku, Rome and Bucharest.

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St. Petersburg is one of the 12 European cities hosting the tournament.

However, when questioned by the Sky News TV channel, Secretary of State for Health Matt Hankok said he “saw nothing” about such an opportunity and therefore considered it “not true”.

The euro, which was scheduled to take place last summer, was postponed for 12 months due to the Govt-19 epidemic in the hope that the situation would improve a year later.

Officially, UEFA is sticking to its plan to host Euro 2020 in 12 European cities from June 11 to July 11, which will increase the number of strangers in health and logistics.

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Euro 2020 is scheduled to kick off with a match at the Stadio Olympics in Rome on June 12, 2020.

However, it is said that the UEFA is operating on alternate scenarios, especially as the European Cup matches of German, Spanish and Portuguese clubs have already had to be diverted as some travel restrictions are in place as they are everywhere.

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As the vaccination campaign progresses, Israel is set to host the finals of the Champions League and Euro 2020.

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