EU expands sanctions against Belarus

measurements”Hopeless” And “It backfiresThis Sunday, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei responded during a telephone conversation with the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

Revenge is coming. On Monday 15 November, the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union will “Giving the green light to expand the legal framework» Sanctions on Belarus announced in Sunday newspaper Josep Borrell, Head of European Diplomacy. So they can applyFor all those involved in smuggling migrants into this country, for example airlines or relevant travel agencies, by preventing their leaders from traveling and freezing their assets in Europe», detailed by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

These penalties areHopeless” And “It backfiresBelarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said, on Sunday, in a telephone conversation with European Foreign Minister Josef Borrell, in the first high-level contact between Brussels and Minsk since the beginning of the crisis.

An immediate penalty will be added to this.”Starting on Monday“, NS “About thirty officials of Lukashenko’s administration are involved in this crisis». «Lukashenko was wrong. He believed that by taking revenge in this way, he would twist our arms and abolish punishments. It’s the opposite of what happensHe once again directed Josep Borrell to our colleagues from JDD.

Dozens of immigrants arrested

Meanwhile, Warsaw announced, on Sunday, that dozens of migrants were arrested immediately after crossing the border into Poland from Belarus, warning of greater flows. Police said on Twitter that 50 migrants crossed the tight EU-NATO border near the village of Starzina on Saturday. They were all arrested later, the border guards said, adding that they were starting to take shape.Bigger attempt to cross the border today».

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Thousands of migrants from the Middle East camp on the border between the European Union and Belarus have caused a stalemate in relations between the European Union and the United States on the one hand, and Belarus, backed by its ally Russia, on the other. Westerners accuse Alexander Lukashenko’s regime of deliberately orchestrating the crisis by encouraging immigrants to come to the country and then bringing them to the border.

Belarus rejects the accusations and blames the West in turn. “If anyone thinks Lukashenko or the Belarusians will back off, it won’tSpeaking for himself in the third person, Lukashenko said in an interview published on Saturday.

According to humanitarian organizations, at least 10 migrants have died so far. NGOs report an ongoing humanitarian crisis as temperatures dip below zero, and are urging a de-escalation to help migrants. In the largest camp near the Belarusian village of Brozhje, the authorities estimate the number of migrants or refugees at about 2,000 people, including pregnant women and children. The Belarusian authorities provided them with aid, including tents and heaters, a measure that heralded a semi-permanent presence at the border.

«excitementOn the border?

Poland refuses to allow migrants to enter its territory and accuses Belarus of preventing them from returning to where they came from. On Saturday, Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski reported a rumor among the migrants that Poland would let them pass on Monday and that coaches would come from Germany to pick them up. “Provocation in preparationKaminsky said.

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The government sent text messages to all foreign cell phones along the border, denouncing “Complete lie and nonsense! Poland will continue to protect its borders». «Those spreading such rumors seek to encourage migrants to cross the border, which could lead to dangerous developmentsThis same text warns.

For her part, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss urged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday to intervene in…A shameful and fabricated immigrant crisis“Now underway at the Polish-Belarus border, where the UK has sent a handful of military personnel to provide assistance”Technical Support».

After pressure from European diplomats, Turkey has now banned Iraqis, Syrians and Yemenis from traveling to Belarus, and the private Syrian airline Cham Wings Airlines has also suspended flights to Minsk.

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