Ethereum (ETH) split as a glitch affected over 35.5% of customers. – latest news

A bug affecting older versions of the Ethereum network client caused network chaos. This means that the Ethereum blockchain is currently processing two chains simultaneously, which could cause a double-spending attack.

The error affected about 35.5% of customers

error in Old versions of a major Ethereum client The running contract of these versions brought to separate from the main network. An unknown individual or group exploited a vulnerability affecting older versions of get itEthereum client

The error in question is only in older versions of the client or those that came before Update GETH V1.10.8. Update is also called ” Hades Gamma“. Close 73% of all Ethereum nodes use Geth Currently only 47.4% of Geth customers use the new version 1.10.8.

This means that Approximately 35% of all nodes in the network are potentially at risk. The concern is that this could cause a double-spend attack, in which the cryptocurrency is spent, but the transaction is replaced by an alternate chain.

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Founder of Protocol (YFI) Andre Crone, announced:

“Stay away from deals for a while until they are confirmed, unless you are sure you are using the latest version of Geth.”

What is the effect of this fork?

Although some nodes are cut off from the network, it doesn’t look like that have a big impact. Most miners seem to be making an updated version of Ethereum, which can infer that Supports hash rate longer chain. For nodes running the old version of GetH, they don’t actually have access to the mainnet.

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So, while exploits can occur, the network currently appears to be stable. Martin SwindiThe head of security at the Ethereum Foundation explained:

“Hit a consensus bug on the Ethereum mainnet, exploiting a consensus bug that has been fixed in geth v1.10.8. Fortunately, most miners have already been updated, and the correct chain is also the longest.”

Beiko . teamThe lead developer of Ethereum said that three mining pools appear to have Exploit the wrong version of GetHIncluding Flexpool,, and Binance. He added that Flexpool initially reported discovering the issue and that developers have been in contact with other poolers.

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