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“Today, a young man who wants to take a Bafa is not entitled to the same things if he is from Belfort, Héricourt or Montbéliard,” She cites as an example Caroline DeBovery, founding member, business director and president of the Family Benefits Fund (CAF) at Doubs. It also indicates the differences in regulations in social work between these regions. These tales are plentiful to hear from these people convinced of the North Franche-Comté project. And they are not from yesterday. “Men have changed, not mentalities.” Notes Caroline DeBovery. Claire Fabillon, an investor in the world of culture, regrets the problems of support for the associations. If an association is based in the country of Montbeliard but is interfering in Balfour County, it cannot be supported, since its headquarters are on the other side of the “border”. “All major issues and development are slowing down because of this regional organization that does not meet the needs of the region,” Notes Maud Clafquin, regional director, and former municipal elections candidate in Belfort who is completing his mandate as regional advisor. Members insist on the dimension “Apolitical” From this approach, to use the term Frédéric Champon. “I am happy with this collective initiative that will allow us to move forward with the administrative restructuring.” Notes Pierre Lamard, University Professor at UTBM, who is interested in regional dynamics and who also chairs the Pays de Montbéliard Agglomeration Development Board.

The Association is launched from the University of Technology in Belfort-Montbeliard (UTBM), the symbol of this convergence, in the heart of the territory, but also an institution that suffers from policies that have not been thought of on an urban scale; This is the case for the transfer from Montbéliard to UTBM for example, which stops at JonXion. Louis Deroin, Valentigney’s insurer, is also president of CPME 90, which extended it to Montbeliard. But even in the statute of his organization, he cannot change the name because the antenna of this union must necessarily follow the parameters of the section. “ Problems are everywhere, notice. There is no stone to throw at anyone. But we are losing sick energy. We can make everyone’s life easier. “We should always choose the area, while in our life, we do not do that.” Caroline DeBovey is rich.

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