Espace San Michele comes to life again

Espace St-Michel, this beautiful place of artistic expression recognized regionally and regionally, is coming back to life with the first exhibition of this year 2021. Another year a little special, hopefully the last of this kind, which begins with a delay and will be reduced by one exposure, five Instead of the initially planned six, due to the health situation but as participants in the opening on Friday 4 June found out, it was worth the wait.

Espace Saint-Michel is a magical place that creates a special, warm and charming atmosphere and inspires artists, especially those who participated in this first exhibition “Wings and the Wind” where nature is everywhere.

Marie-Claude Montaigne CelesThe president of the Society of Friends of Saint-Michel, which organizes exhibitions in this place, and welcomes its visitors today, recalls the main goals of the association:

  • Presenting Condomois as a real tool for cultural development;
  • Be a factor of artistic awakening among school children. Thus, in June, a class of forty-five students from the La Creutz School in Florence will come to visit the exhibition. On July 1, five sculpting and engraving workshops will be organized for schoolchildren;
  • Encourage artistic creativity and allow artists from the region to display their work in a high-quality cultural site dedicated to art.

Marie-Claude Montagni-Sier, Jean-François Rouss and Artists: Michel Baker, Dominique Medard, Eric Fourier and Frederic Nangood

Speech by Christian Toh Romeo, Head of Tenares Tourism Office:

I thank the artists who spent a long winter. Today, thanks to Saint-Michel, they finally saw the sun.

The team of volunteers in Saint-Michel is always present and never gets tired.

A team that always brings us outstanding artists … We talk about Saint-Michel even beyond the borders of Gers.

Thanks to the artists for doing these beautiful things that give us the sun, and finally for the time we anticipated, thanks to the boss and I hope we can meet all summer in Ténarèze to see the beautiful things.”

Christian Toh Romeo, Marie-Claude Montagni Sy, Jean-François Rouss and the artists – Photo © SLS

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Mayor Jean-Francois Ross:

After these long, long months of confinement, of life in brackets, today we need reciprocity, friendliness and artistic sensitivity as well. However, art in all its diversity makes us travel, transports us, escapes and also allows us to form connections.

In fulfillment of your desire to revive this emblematic place of the region, you are carefully organizing many events, thanks to your team of volunteers, whom I warmly thank for their participation and contribution to the success of your various projects.

Know that you can always count on the help of the municipality, whether it is financial or logistical.

↪ Frédérique Nanjod, artist from neighboring Lomagne

Escape from Lectoure to Beaumont-de-Lomagne, and she plans to get back there very quickly. Its tree figures and mysterious elves are often represented against a blue Lectoure background,

A forest of humanized tree trunks creates a synergy between tree and human. And its trees fragmented human trunks, and suffering. It is a winter forest, barren, clear and bare, transgender, mutated, barren, in shedding.

Standing, vertical and upright, toward the sky, man, like a tree, is rooted in the ground to rise toward the sky, and the tree is the same as man.

Sexual arousal is everywhere and trees can be more exciting than men.

The artist is interested in the trunk of the tree and not the leaves because the trunk is the link between heaven and earth.

↪ draws Michelle Baker on a medium that surprises and seduces: Dry Leaves

Installed in Vic-Bilh, in the heart of the Madiranais vineyard, it is inspired by the lavish nature surroundingAnd the Its sources of inspiration as well as the raw materials it uses.

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His bright drawings appear on an original medium: the dead leaves of a plane tree, chestnut, or better, linden.

His readings once allowed him to discover that as early as the eighteenth century, artists were considering tying leaves and painting. It was an advertisement, and I looked for a way to get a satisfactory offer; She has adopted a very simple personal style.

As soon as she started the show, the audience, astonished by this medium, quickly revealed themselves to be seduced by her work. It seems that the first visitors to the condom share this opinion unanimously.

↪ Eric Fourier turns industrial platforms into a work of art

Based in ToulouseAnd the The It carves wood, but not any wood: industrial pallets made of pine boards are enough to delight it. In an environmental and recycling approach, it It recovers a raw material, it grows raw because it picks it up “in the morning, before the garbage collectors pass”. With, he created on-site ephemeral works such as Wings, a nod to the “Wings and the Wind” condom exhibition, set on the church floor.

A major project – which lasted for more than two days – to install all his creations thanks to the team of volunteers from the association who helped the artist to prepare this decor and the audience who, as of Thursday 3 June, discovering the exhibition is surprised because, entering the church, they encounter the world of Eric Fourier.

Want to discover it better, Listen to this plastic sculptor He talks about his accomplishments: nine minutes to try to understand his vision for art and what he aspires to.

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↪ The heavy work of Dominic Medard

Wings and winds in the fields of rapeseed and flax!

From Cahors, at The Lot, already presented last year on the occasion of the exhibition of the Estampadura engraver group, today presents the audience with a hymn to joy with its colorful and brilliant paintings full of originality … and lightness.

Intense euphoria occurs thanks to the colors that burst onto the canvas and illuminate it to delight visitors.

“Color is essential to me, it is life. All my work revolves around plastic art without forgetting its companion: poetry.”

In the words of Albert Jacquard cited by Jean-François Rouss, a work of art … is a means of communication between those who create it and those who admire it; So it responds to the most specific human needs: to collect.” The artists of this first exhibition of the season have worked for this purpose and in a splendid way on the theme of “Wings and Wind”, with wings that everyone dreams, since Icarus, far away in the mists of time, and the wind charged with hope, synonymous with purity , which drives away evil spirits, but also viruses are desirable.

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