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Espace MUNI invites municipalities, organizations and citizens to come together on 5 June to celebrate the 15th Neighbor’s Day. On the occasion of this festive annual event, community members will be invited to organize a virtual party that will allow them to reconnect or establish links with their area. Although the mood will be high, citizens who want to do outdoor recreational or sports activities in groups of eight (if the situation is permissible in their area) must strictly respect the health regulations in force in their area, avoid gatherings, and stay away from Two meters. From neighbors and wear a face covering.

Born in France in 1999, and now promoted by Espace MUNI, Neighbor’s Day encourages citizens to renew their annual activity during an activity they organize with their region, on the first Saturday of June. The goal is to create and strengthen solidarity bonds in neighborhoods to build more humane municipalities.

We invite municipalities to register on the Espace MUNI website and promote a virtual neighbors day for their citizens. Moreover, many ideas for activities for this formula are shared in We decided to keep Neighbor’s Day because it has multiple benefits that can be observed in the communities that participate in it. We note, among other things, mutual assistance between neighbors, a heightened sense of security, new ties between families and generations, as well as increased citizen participation. However, we must be very careful in the current context and always organize the parties that will be held in accordance with the sanitary rules in force in the region. Virtual Neighbor’s Day is an interesting alternative! », Confirms the President of Espace Muni and Mayor of the city of Brossard Doreen Asaad.

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Ideas for activities for a Safe Neighbors Day
Aware of the evolving epidemiological situation, Espace MUNI offers a variety of ideas for organizing a virtual Neighbor’s Day. A checklist for hosting Safe Neighbor’s Day in May will also be posted on the organization’s website.

The importance of adhering to sanitary rules
Espace MUNI stresses the importance of consulting the always in place sanitary measures that apply to your area before choosing the preferred formula for organizing Neighbor’s Day and complying with
Rules. To find out about the health measures in place in your area:

Register for more awareness
Registering for Neighbors’s Day is an excellent way to boost the dynamism of municipalities not only in Quebec, but around the world. Completely free, registration gives access to
A set of digital tools developed to allow municipalities, organizations and citizens to promote Neighbor’s Day. A filling and contact guide is currently available
We hope you enjoy this show.

to sign up :

Espace MUNI Facebook Page ( is an excellent source of information.

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