Espace France services at Binic-Etables-sur-Mer: for whom and for what?

Paul Chauvin, the mayor of the city, offers elected officials the French space service intended for citizens of the territory such as those who pass through it. (© La Presse d’Armor)

Mayors and elected officials of social affairs in their municipality responded to a call from: Paul Chauvin, Mayor Binic-Etables-sur-Mer For a comment commented onFrance service area Open in town since the beginning of January.

Mayor of the municipality states in the preamble, Paul Chauvin, that the place, even if it is temporarily installed in the town hall, is A place of reception for all residents of the territoryNo geographical boundaries, even for the benefit of summer visitors and passers-by.

Ultimately, by 2022, we must stabilize the French services space in the building currently occupied by the Post Office. We leave the year to ourselves to prepare the renovation project and call for bids for work and installation in 2022.

Paul ChauvinMayor of Binic-Etables-sur-Mer

User’s Guide

After recalling the space lines and missions (CAF, CPAM, CNAM, MSA, Public Finance, Ministry of the Interior, Justice, Pôle Emploi and La Poste), the two space agencies presented the venue to the elected officials and answered many questions.

The two agents, who may have been reinforced by a third and Damien Prudhum in charge of social work, were trained in this new reception.

We can’t answer everything, but we do keep users and corporate partners in touch. We help users connect by giving them access and guiding them if they are not comfortable with computers. Sometimes a videoconference is organized, in one of the three offices at our disposal, between the user and the management.

Four missions

The tasks assigned to the agents are of 4 types:
Provide first-level information (support in day-to-day procedures)
Providing and supporting the use of information technology tools (creating an email address, printing or scanning documents necessary to create administrative files).
– Help with online procedures (browsing operator websites, simulating suits, ordering documents online);
Resolve the most complex cases by relying on a reporter within partner networks, if necessary, via a video call with the user.

near the house

After two months of operation, users began to customize the Espace France service tool, and more and more of them are choosing this method of communication with the administration: closer to home, parking can not be found, they do not pay, agent to help if necessary to call to make a gray card, to update his rights Pôle emploi.

The offices also have hotlines for Conciliator justiceBased on A rural family With the consumer defense branch. Finally, a calendar will be created with the working hours of the organizations that will have a physical representation.

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