Escape to Paradise Island in the next season of Apex Legends

Killer robots and spiders included

Once is not usual, next season D Peaks Legends It was revealed in cinematic trailer who gives Good overview of its contentStarting with what it seems Brand new third card Paradise Island.

I joked for a few seasons Entertainment Repost, simulate it Titanfall lovers Explore in second compositionAsh will indeed be the next playable legend. For hanging wagons with Apex Legends tale, the development team found a common past with the horizon.

It’s still hard to feel his abilities, but committed fans will notice electrified projectile, the possibility of teleportationlike titan, ronin, in Titanfall 2. Recent leaks It seems to confirm these assumptions.

However, if the video revealed new card NS next seasonIt’s still hard to draw conclusions about its properties, though. local animals He looks especially fierce in the video.

away from ash Based on The new cardAnd Advertise Respawn The return of the car in Apex Legends, which is an SMG that is especially popular among players fall of titan. History To illustrate all this, Electronic Arts prepares gameplay trailer completely the invasion NS October 25.

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