Errors in Windows 11 due to an expired certificate

Even the best make mistakes. Microsoft forgot to renew one of its digital certificates in Windows 11, rendering a whole host of apps inoperable for some users since the October 31, expiration date. Among the victims: screenshot tool, emoji pad, touch keyboard, input method management interface, speech recognition, start guide, start menu, application parameters (only in S mode for these last two) . Somewhat annoying anyway.

Also to discover the video:

Microsoft has released a patch (K5006746) that fixes this problem, but only for a portion of these applications. They are emoji pad, touch keyboard, voice recognition, input method management interface, and start guide. To install the patch, go to the section Update & Security → Windows Update. For other applications, you will have to wait a little longer.

In the meantime, screenshot tool fans can refer to the publisher’s good advice. To get around the screenshot tool issue, use the print screen key on your keyboard and paste the screenshot into your document. You can also paste it into Paint to select the part you want and copy”, can we read in a technical note. Thanks Microsoft! We would have really struggled to find that on our own…

Source : Microsoft

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