Epilepsy in France calls for a national plan for the disease


  • Epilepsy is a neurological disorder of the brain caused by a transient abnormal functioning of the brain’s nerve cells (neurons).
  • This excessive and simultaneous functioning of neurons leads to sudden “electrical” secretions, which clinically lead to epileptic seizures.

“We are asking public authorities to speak out and give us a national epilepsy plan to meet the needs of patients.” In a press release, Epilepsy France and the EFAPPE Consortium Challenge the government and Start a petition.

‘Great regional disparities’

“From a health point of view, the deficiencies in epilepsy management are acutely perceptible: lack of regulation of the care sector, large regional disparities, and difficulties in accessing the electroencephalogram (a test that remains critical to diagnosis!), among others”Activists denounce. “Treating patients properly and making the correct diagnosis is becoming more and more complex with proper medication application and coordinated management,” They add angrily.

Epilepsy is the second most common neurological disease in France today. Officially, the number of patients of all ages with one form of epilepsy is estimated at 600,000, but in reality more than 3 million people are directly or indirectly affected (parents, spouses, etc.). Of these patients, 30% have some form of treatment-resistant epilepsy.

‘lack of public interest’

Unexpected crises, treatments with effects that are sometimes difficult to manage, education, professional integration, travel, housing, and family life: Epilepsy has many implications for the quality of life of the patient and his relatives. “A very negative view of the disease sometimes leads many patients to hide their diseases and so complicates their social life that it simply deprives them of it. No one should be reduced to pathology or suffer such a double punishment”, Add patient associations.

For two years, all the players in the epilepsy world have been gathered under the banner of the National Epilepsy Committee alerting these facts and proposing solutions. “Things are progressing a little bit thanks to our commitment”, They rule. However, while the prevalence of epilepsy makes it a real public health problem, “We can only note the lack of interest of the public authorities in this issue,” The militants are indignant. “We only deal with epilepsy from the perspective of a health scandal,” they concluded.

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