Epic Games is working on a tool that makes characters look more realistic than ever

Video game giant Epic Games on Thursday unveiled the premise of MetaHuman Creator, a web browser-based software tool that will allow entertainment industries to quickly create avatars with realistic human faces and movements that make you feel cool.

One just needs to look at the videos that Epic Games unveiled on Thursday to see the amazing realism of the characters that MetaHuman Creator can produce, which can easily pass it on to real humans filmed in motion.

The tool gets even more exciting when you think that it can create those avatars, from shaded areas of the face to the texture of wrinkles, in just a few minutes. It’s an undeniable saving of time for studios that can sometimes invest months of work for a less substantial result.

One of the hardest jobs in creating 3D content yet is building really attractive digital objects.

Vladimir Mastilovich, Vice President of Digital Human Technologies for Epic Games

Even seasoned artists require a lot of time, effort, and equipment for just one character.He adds in a press release.

While Epic Games remains unclear about the official launch date for the MetaHuman Creator, members of the entertainment industries can expect it to be launched in 2021. Until then, those interested can register on the website. Unreal Engine (A new window) To receive updates.

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