Epic Games and Lego are teaming up to create a metaverse channel for kids

The Fortnite developer and game company wants to develop a safe and immersive digital experience for kids.

The metaverse It still matters to companies, many of which want to build their own version of this world of virtual worlds. the most recent Epic games and lego who, on April 7, announced their partnership to create one for children. They claim they will “Shaping the future of the metaverse to make it safe and fun for children and families”.

For both companies, on the other hand, an immersive digital experience is being created in which children can play and will have tools that will allow them to become creative. On the other side, Epic Games And Puzzle Games You want these experiences to be safe for children, like physical play. “It is our responsibility to make it safe, inspiring and beneficial for all. Just as we have protected children’s rights to safe physical play for generations, we pledge to do the same in digital play.”said Nils B. Christiansen, CEO of Lego.

Epic Games and Lego have not gone into the details of their metaverse project, but they have outlined three principles they believe will ensure the safety of the digital spaces they are developing. So they plan to “Protecting children’s right to play by making safety and well-being our priority”from “Protecting children’s privacy by putting their interests first” And’Providing children and adults with tools that allow them to take control of their digital experience..

Although the metaverse does not exist yet, the issue of children’s safety comes to the fore in games that want to offer immersive experiences. The Roblox platform, which is an early version of the metaverse, has faced many security issues despite its huge popularity among young people under the age of 13. Last year, a researcher discovered, for example, several hypothetical restorations of the killings and in early 2022, A YouTuber’s court has blocked access to Roblox After, among other things, engaging in sexual conversations with users. Security in the metaverse is also an issue for adults: since February, Meta proposes a personal limit For users of his virtual spaces after facing cases of sexual harassment.

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