Entrepreneurship is possible! Sicoval Labège Employment Training Area Friday 19 November 2021

Space labor training Labège Sicoval Haute-Garonne, Labège

Entrepreneurship is possible! Espace Emploi Formation du Sikoval, November 19, 2021, Labige.

Entrepreneurship is possible!
Sikoval Employment Training Area, Friday 19 November 9:00 a.m.
ADIE supports entrepreneurs wishing to establish or take over a business that has not been financially supported by the Bank. All traders can order their services, which does not stop only with microcredit. Register on: [[https://www.linscription.com/pro/espace-emploi-formation-sicoval.php](https://www.linscription.com/pro/espace-emploi-formation-sicoval.php)](https://www.linscription.com/pro/espace-emploi-formation-sicoval.php) or by phone 05 61 28 71 10 The next shift will take place on Friday 19 November 2021 in the morning at the Espace Emploi Training Center.
When registering
We advocate the idea that everyone, even without capital, even without a diploma, can become an entrepreneur.

Workspace Secoval Training Business Village Bat 10 25 rue Pierre Gilles de Gens 31670 La Paige La Paige Haute-Garonne

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2021-11-19 T09:00:00 2021-11-19T12:30:00

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