Entertainment. The reservation and drive system allows for Bouconville’s cultural space

During the year 2020, the health crisis severely disrupted the work of the cultural space, which had to revise its regulation several times in order to survive the implementation of the online reservation system was gradually and allowed for the preservation of activity. Report with Temple Director Benjamin Melazo.

Despite the crisis, the cultural space has managed to keep its head above water thanks to the implementation of the reservation system. What does this new system consist of?

“Thanks to the speedy implementation of online booking and receipt via the appointment system, called Drive, the borrowing activity was preserved. The speed with which readers, even the oldest, adopted this new service demonstrated the benefit of this approach. Despite the additional workload, we are satisfied, Because the system has been adopted by the majority of the readers and also continues to work in times of disassembly. “

Attempts to program the start of the school year allowed a slight recovery, but everything else was postponed.

What are the other consequences of this crisis?

“Many events have been canceled or even postponed. It is the result that interrupted our work in re-gaining a new audience with animation. Thanks to exhibitions, interviews with artists, gifts and workshops, we managed to attract a lot of people. All this was suddenly frozen from March. Attempts at programming allowed The school year started with a slight recovery, but everything else was postponed.

What are the most borrowed books?

“In adult books, Simon in the Car!” By Aurélie Valognes, a 2016 novel, followed by Les Lumières de Broadway by Marie Bernadette Dupuy, a novel released in 2019, and, finally, Summer Where I Become an Old Man by Isabel de Corteveron, a novel of 2020 Kids, I Want These Shoes by Mark Botavant and Mymi Doinet from 2009, Dad, Volume Five: Love, Glory and Housework (Nob BD jeunesse) from 2018 and Abstract Memoirs, Volume Seven: The Heart to Take by Jeff Kinney, a youth novel from 2014.

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What is your assessment for 2020?

Despite the crisis, the decline in membership was contained. As for a town with a population of 4,055 people, the number of active readers in the cultural field reached 656 individuals and groups, compared to 948 last year, and the number of registrations increased from 1,804 in 2019 to 1636.

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