Enters the Green Government in Scotland

In Scotland, Greens are preparing to enter local government. After a summer of negotiations, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s party has reached an agreement with environmental activists for power-sharing.

With our correspondent in London, Claire Digiomy

This is the first time in the United Kingdom: two environmental activists in local government, Scotland. With this agreement, the Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon Has a dual purpose: to provide an executive committed to climate and strengthen its alliance at Cop26 organized on its land in NovemberIndependence of Scotland, Protected by both sides.

This is not an alliance and we disagree on all subjects. But we leave our comfort zone to focus on uniting us. We do this for the public good, not for political gain Nicola Sturgeon said.

In their agreement, the two organizations planned that they could oppose certain things, such as security. But they will share the same plan about climate, Scottish independence or rent control.

Our two parties will work together to build a strong and ambitious plan for a greener economic recovery after Govt-19, a ‘new agreement’ for residents and a fundamental change in our approach to transportation. », Assures Patrick Harvey, co-chair of Greens and future minister.

This reshuffled government expects a new referendum on Scottish independence before the end of 2023. However, to streamline it, agreement is needed Boris Johnson Who has always opposed it until now.

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