Enjoy and learn outdoors with Spaces

About two dozen places of “nature and discovery” have been created in the Parisian forests and partner green spaces of the Ile-de-France region (Beauregard region, Paris Val-de-Marne inter-departmental sports park, etc.). Installed outdoors, these temporary spaces receive approximately 3,000 children each day.

Designed by the animation teams of the recreation centers, it offers recreational and educational activities related to the environment, discovery of flora and fauna, as well as outdoor sports activities.
Children are welcome from the recreational centers there all day and a hot or cold meal is served in addition to a snack.

All Nature and Discovery spaces offer a range of educational and entertaining activities adapted to the age of the children, supervised by illustrators from the City of Paris. Each space is designed around a different theme thus inviting children to discover a specific world such as art, nature, science, role-playing games, tales, fantastic, water, environment…

The environment and the discovery of nature occupy a special place in each of the sites : “Land of Art” (Creating an offshore business using natural resources), gardening, cabins… These activities related to nature and biodiversity complement the program that offers entertainment and creative, playful or athletic games.

From the age of 6, children can learn to drive and get a “bicycle license” or “go-kart license” in the “Mario en free wheel!” area. » (Choice).

In Bois de Vincennes, Balises et Boussoles presents an escape game in partnership with Paris water And many steering races. The program’s weather and rocket launch experiments take place in the “Future Researchers” space.

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For toddlers, storytelling, art recycling, discovering farm animals, with Ferme de Paris, a treasure hunt and a plush ride are waiting for you!

If the Nature and Discovery spaces operate in July and August, setting them up actually requires several months of work. Directors, directors and animators are recruited from among the extracurricular animation teams of the Parisian schools from the beginning of the year.

Depending on the theme chosen for the space for which these agents will be responsible, they design a program of activities. Then, starting in the spring, the materials and equipment needed for these projects (inventory, orders for new materials, etc.) are prepared to be delivered and installed a few weeks before the spaces open to children.

The equipping and operation of these spaces during the summer also mobilizes many municipal services: the timber management services are involved in the development of the spaces, in particular by installing logs, and the monitoring, including at night, is provided by the Parisian municipal police teams.

All these spaces have Infrastructures for the safety and comfort of children: Sanitary facilities, meal preparation area, tents, shelters…
Its design and decoration give priority to natural resources: branches and plants located on the site to build decorative elements, straws, trunks …

For sites that do not have a connection to the electricity grid, photovoltaic panels are used.

Finally, children are made aware of daily actions in favor of the environment: bring a water bottle to avoid the use of plastic bottles, sort waste on site …

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