English ‘Tactical Contact’, a real solution against urban rodeos?

Beyond this limit, some consider that such a measure does not protect ‘Legal certainty of agents’, Like Jérôme Moisant. asked about BFMthe FO Unit of the Police of the National Secretary of the SGP estimated that to consider the matter, it was at least necessary Change texts. A rather light argument. In the UK, there has never been any legislative change. Moreover, at the time of its implementation, The police union had claimed that this tactic – which she greatly supported – Violating current legislation.

The result: London police who have permission to systematically hit two wheels should be investigated if the suspect is injured. On December 4, 2018, an officer underwent a criminal investigation after he ran over a 17-year-old boy, who had suffered. ‘Severe head injuries’. “Ultimately, no police tactic can be used with impunity,” he said. As mentioned in 2018 Jonathan GreenExecutive Vice President of the Independent Office of Police Conduct, which is the British equivalent of the IGPN. “The question is always whether its use is reasonable and proportionate.”

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