English club renames runway after infamous serial killer

tiles! Without doing so on purpose, Southend United (English D5) club made the fatal mistake of renaming one of its stands after a notorious serial killer in the UK. In partnership with real estate agency Gilbert & Rose, the parties agreed to rename the West Stand at Roots Hall as Gilbert & Rose West Stand.

For us, the French, a priori nothing problematic. sExcept that, among our neighbors across the Channel, the family name Rose West is associated with the person who, along with her husband Fred West, committed ten murders of young girls in the 1970s and 1980s. She was arrested in 1994 and convicted in 1995, currently serving a life sentence.

Sales department error too small

In the face of controversy and criticism from its supporters, Southend FC initially refused to change the name of its wing, before reconsidering its positions. to me TalkSport This Thursday, its boss Ron Martin told himself “uncomfortable” From the situation and announced the name change. “I’ve spoken with Tom Lawrence, the club’s chief executive, and we’re going to change the name of the winger.”which will be renamed “The West Stand sponsored by Gilbert and Rose”.

To explain this unfortunate mistake, Ron Martin blames the youth of some of his teams. “I believe that the employees of the commercial department were not born at the time of the tragedy, and I imagine that is why it happened.”, He says. continues: “Honestly, the decision should have been left to the more experienced people, it just didn’t happen.”

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