England dismantles Russian tanks to reveal their secrets

Prepare to face Russian armor in future confrontations with Moscow. This is the aim of Admiral Tony Radgock, Commander in Chief of the British Armed Forces. To accomplish this task, London asked Kyiv to provide it with Russian tanks captured or partially destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers. According to Sky NewsThese armored vehicles are then truly “disconnected” by a team of scientists and engineers trying to unlock the secrets of the tanks.Vladimir Putin’s Army.

“Careful study of these technologies helps answer many questions: How do their military equipment work? How can we defeat them? How can we better shield them against their bombs? How can we disrupt their communications? How can we make sure we can penetrate their defenses?”

The senior officer also announced his decision to share the discoveries made by the British with others NATO countries. According to Sepoy, the United Kingdom should form a certain club of nations. When the club’s government receives Russian material or equipment from “other hostile countries that may pose a danger to the rest of the world,” the latter must absolutely share the knowledge it gains with its allies.

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