England: Charles III’s coronation is restored

In England, provisions Coronation of King Charles III Going well. The scheduled date is May 6 and everything should be ready. Among the items that will be prominent on the occasion is the throne, which has not been used since 1953. It is in the process of being updated.

Time has left etched marks on the wood of the royal throne, says Christa Blasley, curator of paintings at Westminster Abbey:A lot of graffiti covered it, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. These graffiti are mainly found on the upper part of the seat and back. Many sit on thrones.”

A hollow space at the height of the seat is provided to receive a stone on which the Scots have crowned their kings for centuries. Thrones already has a long history, Christa Blasley continues: “en 1296, Edward I commissioned the chair to contain the Stone of Scone, brought from Scotland. It was used for every coronation of an English monarch with few exceptions.”

The seat was last used in 1953, when Elizabeth II was crowned. Since then, the famous stone has returned to Scotland. He will return to London soon. The restaurateurs at Throne are professionals, but also proud to be British.

On May 6, King Charles III will join a long line of English monarchs to be crowned on the throne. Starting with his own mother, Queen Victoria or the legendary Henry VIII.

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