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England became the champion in vaccination in Europe. More than 28 million people have received the first injection, and despite careful advice, life is slowly getting back on track.

In East London, Newham, Kovit’s new cases are now rare. However, the health condition here was one of the worst in the UK earlier this year, with one in every 15 people affected. The way out of the crisis is indebted to the National Prison, which has been in effect since January 5th. Masks are not mandatory on the street, but all but the essential shops are closed. Thanks for the vaccine. More than one in two British adults has already received an injection. “If it can save my life, it will save everyone’s“, Refers to a trader.

In January, the English variant spread across the UK, with 61,000 new cases per day. There are now 5,450 of them. Very gradual restoration will be implemented. Shops, restaurants and pubs will reopen in the UK on April 12. Everyone seems to be happy about this. Emma Parkhouse, owner of a pub in St. Albans, is already full. “Reopened week“Despite significant progress, the people of Newham remain skeptical. No one has forgotten that the country is the most miserable in Europe.”According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this third lock-in, which ends soon in the UK, should be the last., Says journalist Matthew Poycho. This requires the government to meet the vaccination target set by the end of July, the first dose for all adults.

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