England. Boris Johnson and the Tories are surrounded by business

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. For breakfast at the British Prime Minister’s Institute, telecommunications company Mohamed Amarsi stretched for 99 99,500 (6 116,600) during a Conservative ceremony, just weeks before the last UK Assembly elections, in early December 2019. A half later, the appointment was not made and, allowing the donor to form his own group within the party on strategic orientations in the Middle East, he became angry at Doris.

Monthly access to the Prime Minister

Now, Mohamed Amarzi has decided to send another table, giving journalists little secrets about Boris Johnson’s party financing. Financial timeS and you Sunday Times. According to his testimony, the Conservatives have created a system that provides monthly access to Boris Johnson or his finance minister Rishi Sunak. Organized by Camila Parker – Paul’s son – in – law at the end of June – by Ben Elliott, wife of Prince Charles and co – leader of the Conservative Party, this rich nostalgia for the last of these rounds is another chance for Thatcher to hear their leader bomber one more time.

But it’s not just for conservatives … Philip Hammond, Sunan’s pioneer of the Treasury, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, wrote to a senior official and accused him of violating the rules of conduct of former members of government. He left the toothpick and worked under him to protect the interests of the bank. Even more annoying: David Cameron, a former tenant of 10 Downing Street, has received nearly $ 10 million (.5 8.5 million) for part-time lobbying for two years for an account at the Australian Merchant Bank Greens.

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As workers demand more transparency, the Conservative Party is cynically backing down: Donations are duly notified to the Election Commission, which publishes them in full compliance with the law, Refers to one of his spokespersons. Funding is a legitimate part of the democratic process. The alternative would be to pay more taxpayers money for campaigns, i.e. less money for leading services such as schools, police or hospitals. ”

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