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NSBritain’s Ministry of Transport said the measure, which the tourism sector has also aggressively campaigned for, will come into effect on Monday.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Twitter: “We are helping people living in the US and in European countries to reunite family and friends in the UK.”

Hours later, the Scottish local government followed suit with England, announcing the same “significant easing of travel restrictions”.

For countries classified as “orange”, meaning the vast majority of tourist destinations, including the European Union and the United States, the United Kingdom had previously imposed a five- to ten-day quarantine for travelers and expensive tests.

It had already exempted travelers who had been vaccinated by the British Health Service from quarantine, but not those who had been vaccinated abroad, much to the chagrin of British expats in those countries who have difficulty returning home.

From now on, Scotland and England will apply the same procedure to people who have been vaccinated in the European Union or in the United States, for those coming from all countries on the “orange” list, with the exception of France, due to the presence of a beta variant.

“Separate rules will continue to be applied to arrivals from France,” the ministry said in a statement.

PCR testing will remain mandatory two days after arrival.

Travelers who have been vaccinated in the US will also need to prove they are US residents.

worry the opposition

“We want people to be able to come from the US as freely as they normally do,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on LBC’s private radio on Wednesday.

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On the other hand, the United States announced, on Monday, the closure of its borders to international travelers, despite calls for reciprocity, especially from European countries.

If EU countries decide to reopen their borders to Americans, provided they are vaccinated against COVID-19 or test negative, travelers from the Schengen area, the UK and Ireland have not been able to enter the US since March 2020.

One of the European countries most lost to the pandemic with more than 129,000 deaths, the United Kingdom is currently going through an epidemic wave attributable to the delta variant, despite the marked decrease in the past week.

The Labor opposition, with the vote of its number two, Mrs. Angela Rayner, deemed the facilities announced on Wednesday “unwise”, worrying about the risks of importing new alternatives.

However, Health Minister Sajid Javid advocated a measure made possible by successful vaccination campaigns both in the UK (more than 70% of adults are fully vaccinated) as in the European Union and the US, which would bring a “boost to the economy”.

The CBI Employers Association described the announcements as a “major step” in the direction of resuming international travel and “a major boost to the tourism sector, while re-establishing important business links with key business partners”.

Airlines, in a hurry to relaunch exciting transatlantic exchanges and services to the shores of the Mediterranean, have expressed their relief.

However, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have asked the government to move forward by putting more countries on the green list, from which no travellers have to undergo quarantine.

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Also, the measures announced by London are not related to the countries classified as “red” by London (India, the United Arab Emirates, South American countries, etc.), from which only residents of the United Kingdom can return, in observing the costly quarantine in their country . Account in designated hotels.

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