Endless dungeon son game

The opening of the Summer Games Festival was an occasion for capacity studios To reveal more of his next work on Endless License. Thus we were able to take advantage of a few minutes Play d’Endless Dungeon, title rogue lite die and try again. That’s just.

A ship has crashed into a space station shrouded in mystery, and players will have to protect their crystal against hordes of monsters. Capacity sets some rules for good scaling:

  • Rule #1: Certain weapons work best against certain monsters. Mastering this idea would already be a good introduction to this two-stick shooter.
  • Rule number 2: Protect the crystal by placing towers because if it dies, the player will die too.
  • Rule #3: Teamwork works wonders. Players can control their team themselves, or test their skills with friends in a multiplayer game.
  • Rule #4: Players will be able to adapt their team by unlocking new heroes and changing them as they see fit!

If you sign up for Newsletter on the official website, you will have the right to a Empty skin upon game release.

Endless Dungeon is selected for 2022 on PCs and consoles.

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