End of Chapter for Trifluvien

Raphaël Gladu was the local hero, and definitely a crowd favorite. He is a role model for all those young players looking forward to professional baseball because he has shown that anything is possible with perseverance. But like all good things come to an end, it’s time to focus on beyond his career.

So Trelovian played his last game for Aigle de Trois-Rivieres last Sunday. He accepted the position he had been craving for several years.

“It’s a thoughtful decision and I’ve been looking forward to working there for several years. Well this year I was able to go through the selection process and they called me to hire me so it was time. If I declined, I wouldn’t be able to keep playing (professional baseball) and come back to tell them I’m ready after my career. ‘, attested by #6 of the Eagles.

“Now, sure, it’s a bit hard to quit (professional baseball), but at the same time, I couldn’t get to the point where I got to, and MLB was the ultimate goal in the beginning.”

With his new job, it’s impossible for him to commit to a professional baseball season that he brings to the States every two weeks. However, he’s not ruling out baseball entirely, but the ball will be in Cascades de Shawinigan’s court next year.

“I had some great times at Trois-Rivieres and I am glad I was able to play professional baseball in my hometown, in front of my family and friends. I will also never forget the time I had in junior baseball when we won 32 in a row, as well as the National Championship that year. Now “I wouldn’t shut the door in baseball. I played two years with Cascades de Shawinigan, so probably. I have many friends there, I’ve known since high school, and that’s definitely an easier schedule,” he says.

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The 23-year-old has seen some baseball in his career. A 16th-round pick of the New York Mets in 2017, he played four seasons in the New York Organization before joining the Eagles in 2019. He had produced 64 points in 69 games. COVID-19 came to prevent everyone from playing in 2020, while in 2021 he joined the Quebec team in their last 40 games with the Blue and White squad. Once again, impressed by the 38 RBIs on the clock. He hasn’t held back this year as his batting average once again exceeded 0.300 and led in 60 runs, as did Juan Kelly, Carlos Martinez and Steve Brown.

“I will also continue to engage with young people at the Académie Les Estacades and Collège-Laflèche. The two schools have allowed me to train, work and train there throughout my career, so I will definitely continue to participate there.”

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