Encryption | The art of negotiation, according to Joe Biden

(New York) Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden reiterated that there is nothing to be envious of Donald Trump during the art of negotiation. Also, with his long experience in Washington, he will prove it when he invites elected Republicans to the White House.

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“Let’s get together. We need to find a way forward,” he promised.

As the first anniversary of his election approaches, Joe Biden still has a chance to prove his negotiating prowess. But he has to do it not with the elected Republicans, but with his own party.

He hopes to achieve this before he goes to 26e United Nations Climate Change Conference, 1st to be heldThere is Until 12 November in Glasgow, Scotland.

Ideally, as far as the White House is concerned, this should translate into a vote in Congress on the two major reforms that Joe Biden wants by the weekend. One that has already been approved by the Senate is providing $ 1.2 trillion in investment to modernize America’s dilapidated infrastructure (bridges, roads, ports, power networks, etc.).

The other pursues a dual purpose: resisting climate change and improving health, education and childhood care. That should include $ 3,500 billion in envelopes. However, due to the objections of two centrist Democratic senators, Joe Mancin and Kirsten Cinema, this amount should be reduced to about $ 2 trillion.

If a referendum is not held on the reform, Joe Biden will want to announce at least one “deal” before flying to Glasgow. On Sunday CNN, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was optimistic about this.

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Dangerous promises

But what agreement?

Joe Biden has shown in the past that he is not opposed to compromise. In 2009, for example, Barack Obama entrusted the Senate with the task of approving the $ 800 billion stimulus plan he needed Republican support.

After fierce negotiations, the vice president appointed three Republican senators. To the progressives who later accused him of not getting much money, he had to respond, “Left, ‘Well, we could have had more.’

This time, due to a different procedure, Joe Biden does not need the support of a Republican to carry out the most ambitious reform. But he cannot lose the support of one of the Democrats’ 50 senators.

So the senators have enough power to maneuver mansion and cinema. The former seems to have succeeded in removing the cornerstone of Joe Biden’s strategy to combat global warming. It is a $ 150 billion project that encourages power producers to expel fossil fuels and punish those who oppose change.

Second, for its part, it seems to have prevented the increase in tax contributions from corporations and wealthy Americans. The move comes not only to fulfill one of Joe Biden’s most important election promises, but also to finance some of his reform.

The full list of duties that senators must abandon in whole or in part due to the positions of the Munch and Cinema is not yet known. But Joe Biden has already mourned two years of free community college and 12 weeks of parental leave.

Caring attitude

However, Joe Biden refuses to attend the ceremony because of insults, accusations and threats, while progressive activists have senators sided with Manjin and cinema.

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West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin

Speaking to a West Virginia senator during a Town Hall broadcast on CNN last Wednesday evening, the president said, “Joe is not a bad guy.” “He was a friend. In the end, he always changed his mind and voted [avec nous]. ⁇

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This benevolent attitude is part of Joe Biden’s conversational style. “We must assume that the other is not a fool,” he told journalist Evan Osnos, who was quoted in an autobiography dedicated to the president.

The latter added: “It is very important that you communicate with the person you are talking to to understand their problem.”

The spirit was speculated to have prevailed Sunday during talks led by Joe Biden and Democratic Senate President Chuck Schumer at the Delaware House.

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Arizona Democratic Senator Kirsten Cinema

President Kirsten held several meetings with the cinema. “She’s as clever as the devil,” he said Wednesday night of the mysterious Arizona senator. “She is very supportive of the environmental aspect of my project.”

Then, with a note of patience in his voice, he added: “Where she does not support him, she says she will not raise a penny of tax for corporations or the rich.” And it rubs. ”

Other sources of income are being considered to fund the reform, which will be historic if its envelope approaches $ 2000 billion.

But time is running out for Joe Biden, who claims to have better negotiations than Donald Trump.

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