[En continu] Prolonged confinement in Canberra, Mauritius under high tension


The healthy lane He was they expanded Mondays to restaurants, indoor bars, cinemas, theaters, museums, gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools. is reading our report

Petition to preserve Free tests In Switzerland meet with success. On Monday, it crossed the 200,000 supporters mark.

The United kingdom Terminated his contract with the French-Austrian laboratory Valneva. The country surrenders like this 100 million doses A possible vaccine against Covid-19.

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■Portugal’s vaccination champion soldier

Among the world champions in vaccination, Portugal owes much of its success to the rigor and composure of the uniformed naval officer in charge of carrying out the task. Vice Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo was recently hailed on his arrival to visit a vaccination center in the southern suburbs of Lisbon.

With 80% of its population of around ten million already fully vaccinated, the country is in good shape with Malta leading the global race for Covid-19 immunization.

He did not win the game when, in early February, he was appointed coordinator of the team responsible for the vaccination campaign. Reassured by the soldier’s cruelty, the Portuguese were able to testify of their composure when Vice Admiral Gouvia e Mello erased the insults made in front of television cameras by a group of anti-vaccine activists.

■ Australia extends containment of its capital Canberra by one month

Canberra’s lockdown has been extended until mid-October. Nearly 400,000 Canberra residents were forced to stay at home for a month after the city’s first case of COVID-19 was detected.

The epidemiological focus associated with the delta type remains limited, with 252 active cases so far and 276 people recovered.

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■ Mauritius is facing a wave of COVID-19

Less than three weeks before fully reopening its borders, Mauritius is facing an explosion of Covid-19. Hospitals are saturated, ventilators are scarce, and the cemetery where coronavirus victims are buried is full. Officially, everything is ready to welcome tourists on October 1 in this Indian Ocean paradise. The goal of vaccinating 60% of the population was exceeded. The authorities have made vaccination compulsory in some activities, including the tourism sector, on pain of fines or prison sentences.

Since the partial reopening in mid-July, the number of cases has increased more than fivefold, from 2,461 on July 16 to 12,616 on September 10. The government attributes this increase to lax behaviour. The authorities accused the residents of minimizing the number of deaths, and on Friday the authorities revised the number to 89 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic.

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