Employers have warned of staff shortages in the UK

As the Covid-19 cases rise rapidly, trade unions are on the alert as staff shortages in Britain worsen, forcing hundreds of thousands of people into self-isolation.

The CBI, the country’s main employer body, on Friday urged the government to change the policy of self-isolation for up to ten days by those contacted by the National Health Organization, which uses the NHS. More than half a million people in the UK received isolated procedures within a week, according to Pilomoria.Destroy the economy“, Chairman calls for increase in PCR tests if contaminated:”Here is the solution: Do not close the economy this way.

Stephen Bipson, Managing Director of Mac UK, underscores his role. “Last week (…) the problem worsened, and this not only affected production but also exports of goods abroad.. «This is an incredibly serious issue affecting businesses and businesses of all sizes.“And should be”Priority to governmentHe adds.

Japanese carmaker Nissan had to adjust production at its plant in Sunderland (north) because a large number of isolated employees and other manufacturers, such as Rolls-Royce, may face a similar problem. In the hotel and catering sector, one in five employees already have to isolate themselves, while in this sector staff shortages, the British Butchery Association is talking about 5 to 10% employees. He says some food factories had to simplify their product types and others would have to close if the situation continued to worsen.

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Foreign workers

The union says it has asked the government to allow foreign workers to come to the UK to address the labor shortage quickly, especially when Brexit complicated the process of coming to work in the UK. The epidemic has caused obstacles in international travel. For his part, the director of the TUC trade union federation called on the government.Strengthen the confusing and inadequate means of getting back to workThis is because all health activities in the United Kingdom must be eliminated by Monday, while the virus is spreading.

To Francis O’Grady, “Labor shortages will worsen if people do not feel safe at work“Representatives of the railway department are calling for the continuation of the duty to wear masks in transport to protect drivers and employees.

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