Emmanuel Ngo Kana Susama was forced into exile for breaking into basketball

The Angolan-born teenager was able to stand out among more than 80 players during the Under Armor Canada Elite squad in mid-October. His prowess on earth earned him a full scholarship to the prestigious United Scholastic Academythat develops the best basketball players in the country.

I’m not going to lie, I was surprised. I was terrified of myself, of the effort I put in all these years, says the wing is 6 feet 7 inches.

I am a believer. It’s like a prophecy that came true, because that’s what he’s always loved, and that’s what he’s always been asking for, says Antonio Dudao, Emmanuel’s father.

However, this new opportunity includes a move to Toronto, where the 16-year-old will be staying with a host family 400 kilometers from his little sister and parents.

My friends were excited, and they were happy for me. Mom, it’s hard for her, because I’m her son and I’m going to another county.

Quote from:Emmanuel Ngo Kana Susama, basketball player

It is not easy to pay off, especially at this age, but it is positive, especially since he is a psychologically very strong boy.Dodao confirms, in a reassuring voice.

Antonio Dudao himself played basketball in his youth, but opportunities to do more than just a hobby were somewhat limited in Angola.

Photo: Radio Canada / Hugo Belanger

The pavilion of imposing stature is the pride of the Gatineau Basketball Association (ABG), which still regrets not being able to provide similar oversight for it, due to the lack of infrastructure to accommodate top-level basketball players.

Every year, one or two players leave, but the number must be zero. We should be able to give dozens of players a chance to shine on the national stage, believes Rico Lavoie, general manager ofABG.

Tall, fast, athletic, with good dribbling and a good shot, Emmanuel is usually the best player on the field according to his coach. In the Canadian basketball capital, he will have to work even harder to maintain that status.

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It will be a challenge for me to play against better players, but I am ready for this challenge, I am not afraid of anyone, confirms the new recruit in United Scholastic Academy.

More opportunities on the horizon

L ‘ABG It recently entered into an agreement with Under Armor Canada Elite to incorporate the National Competition Network from spring 2022.

It will give twenty guys and twenty girls from Gatineau a chance to play against the best teams in the country.Lavoie explains.

Rico Lavoie in an interview with Radio Canada.

The city of Gatineau should devote more hours in the gym to ABG in order to maximize the potential of high-level basketball players in the area, according to Rico Lavoie.

Photo: Radio Canada / Hugo Belanger

Exceptional athletes can even be invited to be part of a star-studded team that travels to the United States during the summer to face the very best in basketball.

Over the next few years, Gatineau basketball players will likely have opportunities similar to those just obtained by Emmanuel Ngo Kana Susama.

The main interested party considers this new beginning only the beginning of its history. The first pages will be written in Toronto and the rest is up to him.

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