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Barely a month after the French elections, the new government headed by Emmanuel Macron is racing to control the country’s cost of living crisis. To do so, the French president introduced a number of new faces to the front of his team, including several career bureaucrats and politicians who slowly made their way through the halls of the Palais Bourbon. The appointment of Catherine Colonna as Foreign Secretary has sparked particular interest given her previous role as ambassador to the United Kingdom.

It was in this role that he regularly cast ferocious glances at Britain, particularly during the Canal Immigrant Crisis and the fishing license controversy.

Colonna, the second woman to head the French Foreign Ministry, is a seasoned diplomat who began her career at the French Embassy in the United States in the early 1980s.

Since then, in the early 1980s, Ms. Colonna has held a series of positions in French politics, and in 2019 she took up the position of French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, at a time when relations between France and Britain were at their worst. whirlpool.

His criticism of the British government has been mixed, with a heated exchange last year when he quoted and retweeted a clip from a member of the Eurasia Group: “The reason the UK is so aggressive is precisely because the EU is so accommodating.” comment: ” [This] It is an opinion we hear here more and more often. disturbing.”

French-British relations: Relations between the two countries have been weak in recent years (Image: Getty)

Soon after, he targeted the UK again, this time accusing it of being too “aggressive” in its position in post-Brexit Europe.

He told the French Senate: “After Brexit, the British government had to choose between two possible positions: trying to mitigate the impact of Brexit and getting closer to its European neighbors or pursuing an aggressive policy by identifying Europeans as the main source of income…difficulties. »

He said the UK had chosen the “last session”.

Il a ajouté: « Tous les ‘coups de couteau’ apportés aux contrats, à savoir l’accord de retrait d’octobre 2019 avec le protocole d’Irlande du Nord et l’accord de commerce et de coopération de décembre 2020, provena United kingdom. ».

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Catherine Colonna: The new foreign minister with her German and Polish counterparts

Catherine Colonna: The new foreign minister with her German and Polish counterparts (Image: Getty)

Ms Colonna has also influenced the joint migration crisis between France and the UK, with tens of thousands of migrants crossing the Channel by boat in recent years.

In the first year of Brexit, a record number of migrants crossed the English Channel from France to the United Kingdom, and that number exceeded 25,000, just over three times the total number in 2020.

Despite the unfolding catastrophic humanitarian crisis, including the number of men, women and children who drowned in their attempts to reach Britain, London and Paris faced off in a finger-pointing game, with each side blaming the other.

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Ms Colonna had her own view of the situation: “France invests much more in this area than the United Kingdom, which tends to forget it.

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UK Ambassador - He served as France's ambassador to the UK for three years.

UK Ambassador – He served as France’s ambassador to the UK for three years. (Image: Getty)

Clément Bonn: He will join Colonna at the Foreign Ministry

Clément Bonn: He will join Colonna at the Foreign Ministry (Image: Getty)

“The political environment is not good: there is no motive on the British side, while in most international affairs our two countries share the same interests, the same values, the same ability to compromise; in short, the same vision. It is a pity.”

His criticism was not limited to Franco-British relations, as their differences often coalesce into broader ramifications between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

On the Northern Ireland protocol, he said: We have to combat the idea that Northern Ireland is in utter chaos, as the UK government tries to move forward.

This strategy actually aims to renegotiate the Northern Ireland Protocol or invoke Article 16.

Macron profile: The French president won a second term in April

Macron profile: The French president won a second term in April (Photo: Express Logs)

Today, and we regret it, Franco-British relations have been severely affected, not so much by Brexit as by the way the British government is implementing it.

Despite all this, while leaving, Mrs. Colonna addressed warm words to her colleagues and their stay in London: “I wanted to thank everyone who understood that we are friends of this country and that we will continue to work for a better future.”

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She will be joined by Clement Bonn in her new position, going from Minister of Foreign Affairs to Minister of Europe.

Boone has also been highly critical of the UK, saying only last summer that he was “worried” about Britain’s “behaviour” towards the Brexit deal.

Migration crisis: Migrants are seen trying to cross the English Channel in a boat

Migration crisis: Migrants are seen trying to cross the English Channel in a boat (Image: Getty)

On the other hand, Sebastien Licornu was promoted from Minister of Foreign Affairs to the position of Minister of Defense.

Elizabeth Bourne, a career bureaucrat who now holds the position of Prime Minister of France, also joined.

The 61-year-old has spent most of her career in the shadows, but she will now take the lead alongside Macron in shaping France’s future.

In her acceptance speech, Mrs. Bourne said: “I want to dedicate my candidacy to all girls to tell them that nothing should stand in the way of a woman’s place in society.”

Macron is believed to have chosen it as a way to appease the country’s left-wing voters given his work with Socialist Party.

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