Emmanuel Macron implements chauvinist liberalism, which is a dangerous combination

The fight over post-Brexit fishing licenses testifies to the hypocrisy of the French president, who, as the defender of the European order, has drawn the strings of nationalism and condemned this euroseptic newspaper.

The animosity between the United Kingdom and France uses fishing, vaccinations, the Accord or the immigration as its excuses, but it goes beyond each of these issues. Not in the sense that opponents of Brexit understand it. We do not see the conflict between pro-Brexit British nationalists and the enlightened European order. This Franco-British division has very epic dimensions. This was the result of the moral decline of Western liberalism in Macron Sauce, entangled in its own contradictions.

By voting for Brexit, the UK recognizes that the liberal order must be protected by the return of power to the people. We do not reject international rules governing international trade or maritime transport. Rather, Brexit is a vote of confidence in the nation-state and the ability to move within those rules.

Stimulates populism to serve the elite

But for Macron, who endured the quality of this failed elite, Brexit is truly rebellious. After all, we must not deal with the causes of populism: it is to do the unthinkable, that is, to slaughter the sacred cows of the liberal order and restore the powers confiscated by Brussels. In addition, the presenter of lysée recognizes that anger against the current situation must be taken into account. So he established himself as the champion of the third way: by his brilliant rhetoric and attacks against the hated English, he seeks to inspire populism to serve the elite better.

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This is evidenced by the panicked posture of the president as the presidential election approaches. Its “Third Way” continues to support international organizations such as the European Union, and in the hope of calming the “yellow dress”, promises of trade and immigration have not attracted voters. Three years ago [lors du centenaire de l’armistice]Macron insults Donald Trump: “Patriotism is the exact opposite


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