Emma Lowhouse is asking for support from Houston officials

Ivorian influencer Emma Lohaus worked with Houston city officials in the US. What happened.

United States: Emma Lowhouse prepares a major conspiracy with the Houston authorities

Emma Lohouse, an Ivorian influencer and entrepreneur, was recently honored by the authorities of the city of Houston, USA. He was made an honorary citizen and goodwill ambassador by the city.

A few days after receiving this double distinction, Emma Lolo held a working session on Wednesday, October 5, with leaders from the City of Houston, namely the Director of Business and International Affairs, the President of International Affairs, the President. Special Adviser on Ethics and African Affairs

In a post on her Facebook page, Emma Lohaus gave a brief account of the work session. “Defining cooperation with the city of Houston is part of my distinction as an honorary citizen and goodwill ambassador for this city. Many topics were discussed, including the implementation of a dual project between the district of Abidjan and the city of Houston,” he said.

Then to add: ”I took this opportunity to propose a number of social projects, particularly in the fields of:

– Education: Grant of scholarships

– Health: logistical and material support for the Ivorian health system

– Agriculture: Strengthening the regional and sub-regional agricultural system

– Community: Construction of schools and other community centers.

It was satisfying to leave this fruitful meeting. The best is yet to come,” he added.

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