Emirates Airlines renews the Federation Cup partnership for another three years

The Football Association (English Football Association) confirmed, Friday, November 5, the completion of the extension of its partnership with Emirates Airlines for a period of three years, allowing the Emirates Football Cup to retain this name until at least 2024.

Originally signed in 2015, the partnership agreement between Emirates and the FA Cup was signed in 2017 for another 3 years after a satisfactory first term for both parties.

The Emirates Football Cup affects nearly 700 football clubs in England and more than 10,000 players play in the ten levels that make up English football. And behind these players are countless fans at home and abroad, who are equally exposed to this partnership between Emirates and the Football Association.

According to figures released by the FA, more than 100 million cumulative viewers watched a match from this competition last season, including 9.5 million for the final alone, which was also broadcast in 50 countries around the world. This number should also mark the 2021/2022 season as British channel ITV will join the BBC as broadcaster for the competition, allowing more residents to follow their heart club’s performance in Britain’s oldest competition.

Marzena Bogdanovic, AF’s Acting Director of Partnerships, said: “We are very excited to extend this partnership with Emirates until 2024. Over the past six seasons, the presence of such a well-known brand along with the oldest cup competition in the world has greatly contributed to the development of football locally and allowed us to reach a fan following of more than The renewal of this partnership as we begin to see the end of the global pandemic is a testament to the quality of our work and the relationship and we look forward to seeing the coming seasons.”

Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline added: “By virtue of its status as the most famous and historical competition in world football, the Emirates Football Cup is known as the scene of exceptional sporting moments and provides an opportunity for ‘small teams’ to compete. The Premier League and thus shine at the forefront of national football. We are very proud of this long-term partnership. With the FA and we look forward to continuing this collaboration around this competition for another 3 seasons.As we approach the 150th anniversary of the competition, we look forward to connecting and bringing more fans together with their favorite team, both in the UK and internationally, so they can experience the magic! ”Emirates Football Cup.”

First round matches 150th Anniversary of the FA Cup It will take place on Saturday 6, Sunday 7 and Monday 8 November 2021.

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