Emily in Paris: Lucien Laviscount promoted to a regular actor in Season 3

Lucien LaViscount, who played Alfie in love with Emily (Lily Collins) on season two of Emily in Paris, will return next season, where he has been promoted to a regular actor.

This was announced at Paley Fest, Deadline reported on Monday. [Attention spoilers]

During the second season of Emily in Paris, Alfie and Emily meet in the French class and their friendship turns into a romantic relationship.

Season two ends with Alfie back in the UK, and Emily on the verge of revealing her true feelings for Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), before finding out that Camille has been with him again…

Lucien Laviscaunt was revealed to the public thanks to the series Emily in Paris, and so he hasn’t finally said his last… News that will delight fans of the Darren Star series, who now have nothing but the eyes of the handsome young man.

The 29-year-old Lucien Laviscaunt was a model before embarking on an acting career. He played noticeably in “Scream Queens” (2015), but along with Lily Collins he became known to a wider audience.

For the record, last January Netflix confirmed the ordering of the third and fourth seasons of the series, which follows a young American who recently arrived in France. At the moment, filming has not started yet, which gives Lucien Laviscaunt time to take pictures for the photographers, as he did a few days ago when he came to Cannes.

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