Emily in Paris: Fans of the English and American series dream of settling in the capital

Since the launch of the third season of “Emily in Paris,” on Wednesday, December 21, online searches for homes for sale in the French capital have registered a 1.416% jump compared to the previous week, according to one website. UK real estate appraisal.

Obviously, they had never heard of the Paris metro during rush hour. In Emiliy in Paris, actress Lily Collins lives an exciting life in the French capital, where her character, Emily Cooper, works for a marketing agency. And if there’s one thing that’s been clear from season one, it’s that this fantasy doesn’t hesitate to present a postcard version of Paris, with all of its accompanying clichés. But the success of the series, especially in England and the United States, is undeniable. Many now want to follow in Emily’s footsteps.

Also, after the launch of the third season on December 21, the British real estate appraisal website, GetAgent, reported in an article in the newspaper. Parisian, would have seen a 1,416% increase in searches for homes for sale in the French capital in England compared to the previous week. For Nicolas Bettex-Moffatt, general manager of Daniel Villaux and Bellis de Meureux de France, this would not be a “passing phenomenon”, and that the trend was “notable a few months ago”. “Many of them have the chain in mind and want to buy a small part of the capital,” he says, adding that the budget for potential buyers is between one and three million euros.

This idealized vision of Paris does not appeal only to the English. According to the agency Vingt Paris, there will also be an increase in the influx of young Americans, between the ages of 20 and 30, who want to live the same life as their heroine for a year. See more. Families will be seduced by the “French Way”, the French way of life (the one in the series, of course). Others come to the French capital to visit filming locations, to stroll through luxury brand boutiques located in beautiful areas where attendance is also increasing. It will be interesting to see how the reality check unfolds after the fact.

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