Émilie Milosz: From Kentucky to Team Quebec

Pitcher Léa Chevrier’s recent successes belong to her, but it’s enough to see the chemistry that works between her and former teammate Emilie Melosh, a wide receiver, to understand that the two have moved on together.

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Like Léa, Amelie is 19, but since the latter was born in 2004, she still qualifies for the U19 category. In this case, Team Quebec continues its preparations for the Canadian Quick Step Championships that will be held August 2-6 in Langford, British Columbia.

“I would like our team to get to the podium, we have been working hard all summer for this championship,” said Miloš.

The Kahnawake Indian Reservation receiver impressed with the medals, contributing, along with Chevrier, to the second place Quebec finished at the Canada Games in 2022.

Mauritius winner

On an individual level, Milosz was also awarded the Prix Maurice, as the best athlete in team sports at the Canadian level, at the Gala des Sports Quebec last May. This is a huge tribute to her, but also to Softball Québec.

In addition to her contribution to the county team, Meloš distinguished herself in the United States by wearing the colors of the Snappers of Spoon River College, in the NJCAA Division II. Defensively, she won a Gold Glove within her division. 379 batting average, breaking the team record for most doubles in a single season, which is 24. She also struck out nine batters in 60 games.

“I’m going to Spoon River again next year, and then I’ll see where it takes me,” she said.

Ex chat cats

At the moment, despite the recent ankle injury, Milos continues to prepare for the Canadian Championship.

“I put a lot of work into it, and I never stop, even if I run into obstacles,” said the former member of the Chat-O-Cats Association of Châteauguay, then of the Dragons du Sud-Ouest. It’s easy for me to do, because I love the sport.

In her case, the apple didn’t fall far from the apple tree, because her father, Dean, is a physical education teacher at Kateri School in Kannauaki.

“My dad Dean played softball a little bit, but I started playing mainly like my older sister,” said Miloš.

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