Embarrassing “tax evasion” for the wife of the British finance minister

Rishi Sunak’s wife evades taxesAnd the indignant independent In one of its editions on April 7. The information revealed by the digital newspaper has already caused an uproar across the channel: Akshta Murthy, the wife of Britain’s finance minister, has, since moving to the UK in 2015, benefited from the status of “Non-resident” (“non-dom” being the acronym in English). Translation: By declaring her domicile abroad, an Indian businesswoman can dispense with paying taxes on dividends received outside British borders.

“While it is difficult to know how much it was able to save, sources we interviewed say several million pounds.”explain independent.

The daughter of the founder of Infosys, a €827 million IT company, is said to have touched, Akshata Murthy, “By the shares owned by the company, about 13.8 million euros last year”. The company has already made headlines in the UK in recent weeks, due to its late withdrawal from Russia.

I contacted the information site classified on the left, “Murthi’s entourage made it clear that as an Indian national, she could not hold dual citizenship and was therefore considered a non-resident by the British authorities.”

Increase the tax burden

this mechanism, ‘Fully legal, that’s the problem’And the It also raises the issue of conflict of interest. Because of the position occupied by her husband .. the cries of the news site. “Murthy continues to enjoy this status as Rishi Sunak sets tax rates” Since his appointment in February 2020. “At the same time, most people residing in the UK have to pay tax on their income, wherever it comes from.”

Especially, “Snack has raised the tax burden to its highest level since 1940 in recent months, notably through increased Social Security contributions that took effect on Wednesday.”.

Among the most popular ministers in Boris Johnson’s Conservative government, this charismatic 41-year-old former banker has seen his confidence rating drop sharply in recent weeks, on the back of a staggering rise in the cost of living and rate. The unemployment. Politically, this ‘non-dominant’ issue reinforces the impression that the government and the party are detached from reality. sorry independent.

If Rishi Sunak thinks he can succeed Boris Johnson in the near future, “He will definitely have to think twice now.”.

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