Elliott Gunden takes the stage at Snowboardcross Worlds

Quebec Elliott Gunden was floating in a cloud Thursday and with good reason. Won a bronze medal in figure skating at the World Figure Skating Championships in Idre Fjäll, Sweden.

“I still don’t realize what just happened. I ended up in the final against two players who were idols of my childhood. I had the chance to race against them, and ended up on the podium with them. It’s kind of crazy. I ended up in the final against two players who were idols of my childhood. I would like to say,” I feel like I am dreaming now. “

19-year-old snowboarder from San Romwald admitted to winning Spaniard Lucas Egiber in the final. Austrian Alessandro Hammerl won the silver. Two opponents know well.

It’s kind of crazy. I would say I feel like I am in a dream now.

“I train a lot with the two men who hit me [Eguibar et Haemmerle]And these are often the ones we find in the final. I’m lucky to be able to train with them and develop like that, ”he said.“ It bothers them [les meneurs]Because two or three people got off quickly. They are starting to feel a little more scared, ”he added, with a smile on his face.

This is also the best result of his Snowboard Worlds career, after 27H Position captured in 2019 at Solitude, a ski resort in Utah, United States.

The rider has a good run these days, having finished second in figure skating at the Chiesa World Cup in Valmalenco, Italy, on January 23. Performance he attributes to his experience, but also to his physical maturity.

“I worked hard last summer with my physical coach and it shows. I feel stronger on my tablet and I’m a little heavier, and it helps.”

Countryman Liam Moffat was knocked out in the junior final and settled in eighth overall, while Kevin Hill of Chilliwack, British Columbia, couldn’t reach the quarter-finals.

Grondin will return to the track on Friday to take part in a mixed-team ice skating event. However, the lead person indicated that he did not know the identity of his testmate.

In the ladies, British charlotte Banks won, respectively, ahead of Italy’s Michela Moyuli and Czech’s Eva Samkova. Canadians Marietta Odin and Zoe Bergerman resulted in 14H And 21H Degrees in a row.

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