Elizabeth II was surrounded by her family to bid farewell to Prince Philip

(Windsor) Queen Elizabeth II sat alone during the ceremony, all dressed in black and masked, and called her husband Prince Philip on Saturday, who has supported her for more than seven decades.

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The prince, who died “peacefully” eight days ago in Windsor Castle at the age of 99, now lies in the basement of St George’s Chapel, on the grounds of the royal residence, at the end of a sober ceremony, in a small commission due to the pestilence and millimeter.

Photo by Dominic Lipinski, Reuters

His coffin will remain in the bunker until the queen joins him there. Thereafter, the couple will be reunited after having another place in the memorial chapel for King George VI, father of Elizabeth II.

A few days before he was 95e On the anniversary, the Queen, surrounded by the royal family’s closest relatives, paid tribute to the member she described as her “strength” and “support”, since her coronation in 1952.

Known for his outspokenness and jokes – sometimes joking with racism or sexism – the prince’s wife, who has a record age in the nation’s history, is said to have turned 100 on June 10.


Prince Philip’s coffin has been transferred to the forecourt of St. George’s Cathedral.

During the ceremony, the Dean of Windsor praised her “unwavering loyalty” to the Queen, her “courage”, “her spirit strength” and her “faith.”

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony at Windsor Castle is restricted to 30 and was accompanied by a minute of silence across the UK at 3 PM (10 AM ET).


The coffin, covered in the personal standards of the Duke of Edinburgh, a sword, navy hat, and wreath, was loaded into the back of a military green Land Rover that Prince Philip had helped carry for 16 years.

Photo by Hannah McKay, Agence France-Presse

Led by Charles, the heir, and his sister Princess Anne, the short procession, which was followed by the Queen at Bentley, accompanied the sarcophagus to the chapel for religious service.

Military past

Captive Grant photo, Reuters

Princes William and Harry

In the third row in the funeral procession, behind the Queen and Prince Philip’s children, were their grandson William and Harry.

The two brothers, with weak relationships, exchanged a few words when they left church.

During the procession, they were separated from their cousin Peter Phillips, Princess Anne’s son. This choice was widely commented in the press, looking for any sign of reconciliation between the two sons of Prince Charles.

In 1997, the two brothers followed along with the coffin of their mother, Princess Diana, who died tragically in a car accident in Paris, pursued by paparazzi.


It was the first time since his battered withdrawal and departure across the Atlantic that Prince Harry found the royal family in public, which he accused of racism and indifference towards his wife Megan Markle, in a resounding interview given to American host Oprah Winfrey. .

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Megan, pregnant with her second child, remained in the United States on the advice of her doctor.

The procession took place to the tunes of the fanfare of the Grenadier Guards, of which Philip had been a colonel for 42 years, recalling the military past of the Duke of Edinburgh, who fought in the Navy during World War II.

‘Another era’

After missing the family-only party, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who followed him from the government headquarters in Checkers, posted a picture on Twitter showing him with his head bent.

Photo by Hannah McKay, Agence France-Presse

In terms of clothing, the royal family sought to present a united front. All of them wore civilian clothes and thus avoided distinguishing between Princes Andrew and Harry, both of whom were very attached to the military, but withdrew from the monarchy.

Although he still belonged to the Navy, Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son and former helicopter pilot, in uniform would have looked bad, as his reputation had recently been badly tarnished by his friendship with the deceased. American financier Geoffrey Epstein on trial for trafficking in minors.

After the “Duke of Edinburgh”, a pub in Windsor, followed up with the re-posting of the “extremely touching” party, Jennifer O’Sullivan told France Presse her feeling, “I cried a little, to tell the truth …”

Although the public was urged not to gather outside the royal residences due to the pandemic, Windsor was teeming with onlookers and locals, with bouquets of flowers on hand.

“After the ceremony, I will leave these flowers near the castle,” Maggie Calbar, 45, told AFP. “We are used to his presence,” asserts this resident who has lived in Windsor for 18 years and who came to “say goodbye to one of her neighbors”: “He is an unbelievable man leaving us. The whole country is also sad.”

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He salutes the dedication of Prince Philip, Santosh Singh, who came to deposit tulips in Buckingham Palace, recounts his grief, and regrets “because all this will change over time for another era.”

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